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Teams and/or individuals compete by using a real shotgun that has been deactivated and adapted to shoot infrared rays at reusable clays. The clays are fitted with receptors and fired from high-quality traps. The guns contain a microchip, are connected to the scoreboard by radio signals, and small lights on the barrel indicate whether your shot has been successful. Three rounds consisting of different challenges last approximately 15 minutes each.

Free Tuition

You’ll find our Gunmaster as keen as you are for you to have fun. He’ll provide even complete beginners with the tuition you need to play, a clear set of instructions at the start of the shoot, and then (unless you’re shooting every clay out of the sky) a steady stream of helpful observations where he sees fit. Feel free to ask him for advice – that’s what he’s there for.

The Guns

Our guns are classic Italian models designed and built by Fausti. They’re extremely high-quality pieces, and you’ll be in no doubt of that the second you pick them up: over-under guns (meaning the barrels sit on top of each other rather than alongside), beautifully hand-engraved, walnut stock. Fausti have been making quality guns since they were founded by Stefano Fausti, in 1948.

The Traps

We use Promatic traps, the best available, ensuring our clays fly straighter and truer for longer.

Game Scenarios